Many will ask themselves: “where is it!?”
Anghiari has an incredible history, and it’s just one of those places that makes us say that sometimes the less known things are also the most beautiful.
On top of a hill, it seems made with hands with clay and clay, it has been included in many Italian guides as one of the 6 most beautiful villages in Italy.
It is located in the province of Arezzo, so we move from the province of Siena to the Tuscan hinterland.
History tells us of one of the most famous battles of the fifteenth century which took place right here, between the Florentines and the Milanese.
The Florentine government took care of increasing the fame of this battle, which commissioned the great Leonardo da Vinci to paint a painting to be exhibited in Palazzo Vecchio that recounted this battle won by the coalition of the Florentine Republic.

What happened to the original painting is still a mystery, some theories of scholars believe that behind some paintings still present in the hall of the 500 there is the original, but who knows.
Some copies are exhibited around the world even the Louvre in Paris has one.

Anghiari battle by Leonardo da Vinci
anghiari san bartolomeo

Anghiari is a fortified village, the Valtiberina is its frame and background, it rises powerfully on its hill as if to dominate the valley.
The ancient part is dated to around the 11th century. founded by the Camaldolese monks.
Among the wonders of this town is the Monastery of San Bartolomeo, an imposing building transformed by the Perugians into a fort to defend themselves.
The walls embrace the whole town and its gates, Sant’Angelo, San Martino and Fiorentina open onto the city centre.
The heart of this splendid town is certainly the Piazza del Borghetto today called Piazza Mameli, here all the narrow streets of the town converge and the two most important museums of the town are located, one inside the Palazzo del Marzocco and the other in the Palazzo Taglieschi.
Anghiari is truly an open-air museum that deserves your visit.